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The IRS at the IAC 2018

A plethora of contributions from the IRS for the International Astronautical Congress in Bremen
October 5, 2018; Matthias Langer

A plethora of contributions from the IRS for the International Astronautical Congress in Bremen

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Image: The IRS at the IAC 2018

For a whole week, the space community looked in the direction of the City of Space, Bremen, where the IAC took place this year. A surprisingly young congress – 50% of the participants were young space professionals aged 35 or younger – started with an extraordinary vivid opening session, followed by events like a Bremen Fish Market, attractive also to students and young participants. The IRS logo could be seen everywhere, be it in short technical talks, in interactive presentations, in the Global Network Forum or in the large exhibition hall. 6300 participants and over 10,000 day visitors guaranteed a never ceasing interest in the subjects presented by IRS staff. Some highlights included:

Is it worth the risk? An astronaut’s approach to risk awareness (Reinhold Ewald)



Image: Marius Schwinning presenting the results of the Stuttgart Space Station Design Workshop at the IAC

Results of the 2018 Stuttgart Space Station Design Workshop (Marius Schwinning)


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Image: Gisela Detrell presenting the Photobioreactor at the Life Support Rack at the IAC 2018

Photobioreactor of the IRS



Image: Manfred Ehresmann at the IAC 2018

Presented papers from Manfred Ehresmann:

IRAS: Low-cost Constellation Satellite Design, Electrict Propulsion and Concurrent Engineering

Low-cost Prototype Development of a Lunar Massdriver



Image: Franziska Hild about the PAPELL project at the IAC

KSat e.V. papers about PAPELL:

PAPELL Final Student Experiment Design of a Non-mechanical Pumping System on the ISS

PAPELL Interaction Study of Ferrofluid with Electromagnets of an Experiment on the International Space Station