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Dusty Visions 2013

November 28, 2012; Ralf Srama

The next workshop

                                       DUSTY VISIONS 

will take place on July 17--19, 2013, at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

The objectives include modeling, laboratory work, observations and instrumentation for: 

  • Dust in the Solar System
  • Small bodies like Comets, Asteroids, Moons and Meteorites
  • Planetary Rings
  • Interstellar Dust
  • Space Debris

The meeting takes place on July 17--19, 2013, in Stuttgart, Germany. There is overlap with the conference in Heidelberg "Protostars and Planets VI". We try to coordinate with the organisers in order to avoid conflicts of the speakers.

In a workshop style we want to discuss the present state and new venues in cosmic dust research. There are exciting new results from Cassini, Stardust, Spitzer, Herschel, Stereo, as well as other missions. Major topics of the workshop will cover new ideas and theories. We will also discuss observational results and the outcome of laboratory experiments, for they give implications for future space missions. Of special emphasis is cosmochemistry and compositional analysis of dust, also in view of upcoming space missions presently under way or in preparation (e.g. Juice, Lunar Lander, Rosetta, Ladee).

The meeting will be held at the impressive new  Raumfahrtzentrum Baden-Württemberg at the University of Stuttgart. The University campus is easy to reach by S-Bahn from the center of Stuttgart (15 min.) and from the Stuttgart airport (25 min.). Details will be provided soon.

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University Stuttgart
IRS at Univ. Stuttgart
Cosmic Dust Group


  • Harald Krüger
  • Ralf Srama
  • Alfred Krabbe
  • Cecile Engrand
  • Simon Green
  • Eberhard Grün
  • Hiroshi Kimura
  • Jürgen Schmidt
  • Sascha Kempf
  • Mario Trieloff
  • Frank Postberg
  • Andrew Westphal
  • Annette Jäckel
  • Jürgen Blum