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Electric and Advanced Space Propulsion Research Group

Priv.-Doz. Dr.-Ing. Georg Herdrich
Plasma Wind Tunnels and Electric Propulsion

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Welcome to the website for Electric and Advanced Space Propulsion Research Group!

Electric propulsion systems are gaining in importance in the last few years. The energy content of propellant presents the biggest limitation in terms of maximum achievable exhaust velocity. Additional energy can be brought by electrical menas into the propellant from the outside. Therefore, higher exhaust velocities are achievable by using different mechanisms of acceleration. This can be result from electrothermal, electromagnetic, electrostatic or hybrid acceleration. This results in a significant propellant utilization efficiency.

The research group of Electric and Advanced Space Propulsion at the Institute of Space Systems focuses on various electrical and advanced space propulsion systems in a numerical, theoretical and experimental way.

A small overview of the wide range of activities in electric and advanced space propulsion.
Members of our working group and their field of research.
Introduction to the thrusters we research on at the moment.
At the Institute of Space Systems you can find large-scale testing facilities for trials and development of electric propulsion.
The following page shows a brief history of current and past projects.