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PPT Working Group

Introduction and News

This is the website of the International PPT & iMPD Working Group. This group formed in 2007 consists of international scientists and research institutes working in the field of PPTs & iMPDs for space applications.

The purpose of this website is to provide an easier communication and collaborative work as well as to promote our work to both, scientific organizations and the interested public. You can find the members and their institutes by clicking on 'Members' in the main menu.

The International PPT & iMPD working group has been founded during the 1st International PPT & iMPD Workshop 2007 in Stuttgart, Germany. At this workshop, many of the researchers gathered to discuss the current technology of PPTs and iMPDs. During this very productive week, the decision has been made to establish the International PPT & iMPD Working Group to further communication within the group and to promote of the significant potential of PPTs and iMP