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Numerical Modeling and Simulation

Entry missions into the atmosphere of planetary bodies present future scenarios for the exploration of space and require an improved knowledge of the flow environment and its influence on the spacecraft. In addition, properties of the plume of advanced space propulsion engines are of great interest in their design. Numerical methods enable the simulation of conditions in which experimental measurements are very difficult to conduct or very expensive. Therefore, numerical methods become increasingly more important for the development of future space transportation systems.

The research group Numerical Modeling and Simulation develops and applies novel numerical methods in order to simulate gas and plasma flows in extreme conditions. The challenges herein are for example multi-disciplinary problems where fluid dynamics are combined with electromagnetic interactions as well as multi-scale problems with different orders of magnitude in the spatial and temporal resolution. The available methods can be categorized as continuum and particle methods. At IRS, both approaches are investigated in order to be able to cover a wide range of applications. Additionally, radiation is a significant factor for some of the simulation cases. Thus, the research group also separately develops solvers for radiation transport.


Research group

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Advisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefanos Fasoulas
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Dipl.-Ing. Tilman Binder
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Dr.-Ing. Marcel Pfeiffer
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M.Sc. Wladimir Reschke
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Dipl.-Ing. Asim Mirza 
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Dr.-Ing. Torsten Stindl
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Dipl.-Ing. Paul Nizenkov
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M.Sc. Partho Pratim Upadhyay
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Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Bauder