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Here you will find information on the satellite technology area of our Space Transport Technology department.

Sabine Klinkner
Prof. Sabine Klinkner, Head of the Satellitetechnology department


The design study for a European Stratospheric Balloon Observatory (ESBO-DS) is a research project designed to pave the way for an astronomical observatory based on stratospheric balloons. In order to avoid the atmospheric layers that are disturbing for astronomical applications, the telescopes are to be brought into the stratosphere by balloon-based gondolas. As a pilot project, ESBO-DS is concerned with the development and construction of a prototype gondola, a telescope (STUDIO) and a strategy for the long-term construction and operation of the observatory.

Small Satellite Program

The working groups of the small satellite program develop, build, integrate, qualify and operate small satellite systems. In addition, they develop new technologies for space systems and test them under space conditions. This also includes the development and expansion of the necessary infrastructure for the construction, qualification and operation of satellites. The University of Stuttgart's first small satellite is Flying Laptop with a mass of 110 kg, which has been operated successfully by our control center at the University of Stuttgart since July 2017.

Cosmic dust

The dust astronomy working group is headed and developed by PD Ralf Srama and builds and operates instruments for the detection and investigation of interplanetary and interstellar dust. They also develop models to research the formation and distribution of dust in space.

Space Robotics

The space robotics group develops rover systems for the exploration of planetary surfaces. The focus here is on the development of rover chassis systems and technologies that can be used under demanding conditions on planetary surfaces.


This image shows Sabine Klinkner

Sabine Klinkner

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Professor of satellite technology

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