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Here you will find information on the area of ​​space robotics from the satellite technology department

The robotics projects of the institute
Modular Rover Chassis Platform
Modular Rover Chassis Platform

The space robotics group develops rover systems for the exploration of planetary surfaces. The focus is on the development of rover chassis systems and technologies that can still be used under demanding conditions on planetary surfaces.

Research interests:

  • Microrover (for planetary surfaces)
  • Reconfigurable chassis platform MRCP (Modular Rover Chassis Platform)
  • Interdisciplinary teaching concept in the field of space robotics

More information can be found here:

Flyer: Space Robotics & Planetary Exploration Rover Systems

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This picture showsSabine Klinkner
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Sabine Klinkner

Professor of satellite technology

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