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Information on current job vacancies at the institute as well as topics for possible Bachelor and Master theses
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Outside of the positions listed here, general (initiative) applications are also welcome. If you are interested in specific research areas, you will find the relevant contact persons on our website.

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Further job offers can be found on the website of the University of Stuttgart's job portal.

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Bachelor-/Master theses at the IRS

The theses are sorted by subject area / topic. Further information on the topic and the requirements can be found in the linked files. Please send applications to the respective contact person noted in the document.

Please note the guidelines for the processing and supervision for theses at the Institute for Space Systems.

Astronautics and Space Stations

Master theses

Satellite Technology


With the 6-unit CubeSat EIVE, the first in-orbit verification of a communication link in the E-band is planned.


The "Design Study for the European Stratospheric Balloon Observatory" ESBO DS is a research infrastructure project designed to pave the way for an astronomical observatory based on stratospheric balloons.

The topics can be adapted for a Bachelor's or Master's thesis. Please clarify further details with the respective contact persons.

Bachelor theses

Master theses

Flying Laptop

The small satellite Flying Laptop is the first satellite of Stuttgart's small satellite program and is still fully operational in orbit.

Cosmic Dust

Cosmic dust is understood to mean omnipresent tiny particles in space consisting of agglomerates of just a few molecules up to particles a few 100 μm in size. The cosmic dust working group at the IRS examines these particles with the help of self-made sensors installed on space probes.

Bachelor & Master theses (both possible)

Master theses


ROMEO "Research and Observation in Medium Earth Orbit" is a 60 kg small satellite that is planned to be operated in an elliptical orbit at an altitude of up to 3000 km. In addition to technology demonstrations by the Institute for Space Systems, its mission will be the research of the Earth's climate and radiation environment.

Bachelor theses

Possible as Bachelor and Master theses



SOURCE (Stuttgart Operated University Research Cubesat for Evaluation and Education) is a CubeSat platform with which the teaching activities in satellite development (started with the Flying Laptop) are to be continued in cooperation with KSat e.V.

Bachelor theses

Space robotics

Space Transportation Technology



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