Sensorics Working Group

Institute of Space Systems

Here you can find information about the sensoric working group.

The Sensor Technology group at IRS, headed by Prof. Dr. Ing. Fasoulas, is engaged in the development and use of gas sensors for space applications, as well as technology transfer for terrestrial applications. A relatively young research area of the WG is in the field of biosensors, which are inspired by concepts found in nature. The combination of biological knowledge and technological solutions results in a huge spectrum of application areas regarding the detection of single molecules up to complex odors and gases. This bridges the gap between previously complex and specialized applications for space travel and the economical use of natural properties and resources in terms of their adaptability and renewability.

Infrastructure and Team

The team of the research group currently consists of two members, who are working on different projects according to the main research topics within the scope of their PhD.


Pascal Gröger, M.Sc.
Division: Inkjet Printing & Gas Sensors
Phone: 0049 711 685-60862

Jakob Rieser, M.Sc.
Division: Biosensors & Biologically Inspired Sensors
Phone: 0049 711 685-61658

Emilio Paz Alpuche, M.Sc.
Phone: 0049 761 4588 5977

Dr. Paul Ziemba
Phone: 0049 234 3223 981

For this purpose, the group has its own laboratories, including a clean room, an open-plan laboratory and a measurement laboratory. With regard to the experimental setups, the working group has several measuring chambers for experiments in vacuum or under ambient pressure, including a controlled gas inlet and reference measuring instruments such as mass spectrometers or impedance spectrometers. All measurement setups are automated in such a way that simple characterization measurements can be performed fully automatically, even as long-term studies. For sensor production, there are both industrial partnerships and the possibility of in-house production in the clean room using inkjet technology.

Mitarbeiter im Gaslabor
Pascal Gröger and Jakob Rieser inside the sensor laboratory next to a vacuum chamber

There are always bachelor and master theses advertised in both focus areas, which can be accessed via the IRS job page. In addition, there are often topics that are not explicitly published and can be defined in a personal interview. Own proposals are also possible, as long as they fit into the overall context. If you are interested, please feel free to contact one of our team members.

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