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Here you will find information on the area of ​​space robotics from the satellite technology department

The robotics projects of the institute

Research Fields

Design & Operation of Robotic Systems for Space Exploration

  • Lunar Micro Rover development with industry partners
  • Rover Chassis Design & Performance Analyses
  • Robotic Arms for Sample & Instrument Handling
  • Deployable 2 DOF Camera Mast for environmental perception & navigation

Mechanism Design, Integration & Testing

  • Miniaturised Tether Recoil Mechanism development
  • Sealed micro Drive Unit Design
  • Deployment mechanism for a DLR LIBS instrument

Sensory Component Implementation & Operation

  • Depth & Lidar Camera instrumentation for navigation & tracking
  • Micro Radar Sensos Development together within research partners
  • Environmental perceptionmodeling & feedback monitoring

Software Development

  • Robotic systems control framework for space operation
  • Interface to autonomous operation of robotic systems

Test environment

  • Modular test track setup for mobility analyses
  • Small fine grain test bed
  • Lunar Regolith Simulant test chamber

Simulation Environment

  • Control algorithm verification
  • Physics environment simulation
Modular Rover Chassis Platform
Modular Rover Chassis Platform


This image shows Sabine Klinkner

Sabine Klinkner

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Professor of satellite technology

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