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Martin Eberhart

Dr.-Ing. MDes

Institute of Space Systems
High Enthalpy Flow Diagnostics Group (HEFDiG)


Pfaffenwaldring 29
70569 Stuttgart
Room: Halle 3 L113 / 1-713

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3-D investigation of plasma flows by means of light field analysis using plenoptic cameras. Design and application of optical systems and algorithms for the reconstruction of optically thin volumes.  Member of the  High Enthalpy Flow Diagnostics Group (HEFDiG)

B. Strelnikov,  M. Eberhart, M. Friedrich, J. Hedin, M. Khaplanov, G. Baumgarten, B. P. Williams, T. Staszak, H. Asmus, I. Strelnikova, R. Latteck, M. Grygalashvyly, F. -J. Lübken, J. Höffner, R. Wörl, J. Gumbel, S. Loehle, S. Fasoulas, M. Rapp, A. Barjatya, M. J. Taylor and P. -D. Pautet,  Simultaneous in situ Measurements of Small-scale Structures in Neutral, Plasma, and Atomic Oxygen Densities during the WADIS Soanding Rocket Project (2019), in: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 19:17(11443–11460)
M. Eberhart and S. Loehle,  Volume Reconstruction of optically thin Plasma Flows by 3-D Light Field Deconvolution, in: International Conference on Flight vehicles, Aerothermodynamics and Re-entry Missions and Engineering (FAR), Monopoli, Italy, 2019
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M. Eberhart, S. Löhle, A. Steinbeck, S. Fasoulas,  Measurement of atomic oxygen in the middle atmosphere using solid electrolyte sensors and catalytic probes, 40th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, 2-10 August, Moscow, Russia
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