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Manfred Ehresmann


Systemsengineer and Research Assistant
Institute of Space Systems University of Stuttgart


Pfaffenwaldring 29
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 2.34


Mission- and System analysis and design of spacecraft and space structures:

  • CubeSat development and CubeSat-Standard complying experiments
  • Structure and technology development for lunar application
  • Generic system design
  • One article published in a peer-reviewed journal (as of July 2017).
  • 16 conference papers in total, 5 of which as main author (as of July2017).
  • (Co-)author of more than ten technical reports and technical notes (as of July 2017).
  • One lecture as part of the lecture series “Unconventional Propulsion systems” (PD Dr.-Ing. G. Herdrich) during the winter semester (master studies aerospace engineering):
    • Magnetic launch systems
  • Organization of the lecture series “electric propulsion systems” (PD Dr.-Ing. G. Herdrich) during the summer semester (master studies aerospace engineering)
  • Supervising of one bachelor thesis on the topic of radiation cooling and radiators.


  • Supervising and mentoring projects of the Small Satellite Student Society University of Stuttgart (KSat e.V.)
  • Active support of the PAPELL project, which will be conducted in 2018 by ESA-astronaut Alexander Gerst on the International Spacestation. A non-mechanical pump concept utilizing the interaction of ferrofluid with electromagnets is analyzed.
  • Supportive mentoring of the ROACH project. A rover used electrostatically charged chains to be attached on metallic surfaces.
  • Mentoring of space-related software projects of selected students within the scope of Google Summer of Code.
  • Mentoring of space-related software projects of one selected student within the scope of ESA Summer of Code in Space.
  • PAPELL: Pump Application using Pulsed Electromagnets for Liquid Relocation (DLR Überflieger Experiment, 50JR1705, 2017 bis 2018)
  • Lunar Massdriver (Lunar transport technology on linear accelerator basis 2016 bis pending)
  • CleanSat BB28: Arcjet Orbit Raising and Deorbit Module (ESA Clean Space Initiative, contract no. 4500541210, 2016 bis 2017)
  • MIRKA2-RX: Mikrorrückkehrkapsel 2 – REXUS Experiment (DLR Soundingrocketexperiment on REXUS 19, 2015 bis 2016)
  • CubeSat Atmospheric Probe for Education CAPE (Educational nanosatellite project, pending)
  • ESMO: European Student Moon Orbiter, Propulsion System Gas Feed System Design (ESA, 2009 bis 2012)
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