Postponed PAPELL Launch Event will Take Place on June 29th, 9:45 am

June 19, 2018 / Julia Dancer

Learn about IRS, KSat, and other experiments before the launch at 11:41 am.

We cordially invite you, once again, to attend the launch event for the PAPELL experiment on June 29 th starting at 9:45 am in the Space Center Baden Württemberg. The rocket launch is planned for 11:41 am.

The previously planned launch with an Antares OA-9 on May 21st was postponed on short notice because NASA‘s safety requirements for experiments with Li-ion batteries were changed. For permission to launch, additional information about the charge and discharge behavior of the battery became necessary. This information was produced successfully, and the experiment has been accepted by NASA for the flight to the International Space Station.

The PAPELL experiment is a technology demonstrator for a pump without mechanically movable parts. This is achieved by using electromagnets to move a magnetizable liquid – ferrofluid. If the experiment is a success, such a maintenance-free pump could be used for long-term missions in space.

The experiment was developed and constructed by students from Stuttgart in the span of a year.

On the International Space Station, the experiment will be presented and supervised by German ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst.

At the launch event, guests will have the chance to listen to fascinating talks about the Institute of Space Systems, the small satellite student society at the University of Stuttgart, and other experiments related to crewed spaceflight that will soon be in space.

With rocket launches, unforeseen delays and last-minute postponements are always a possibility!





t – 116 min


R. Schweigert


t – 106 min

The Institute of Space Systems

PD. Dr.-Ing. G. Herdrich


t – 76 min

Photobioreactor – Algae on the Space Station

Dr.-Ing. Gisela Detrell


t – 46 min

The Small Satellite Student Society at the University of Stuttgart

V. Starlinger


t – 31 min

PAPELL – a Pump without Mechanical Parts



t – 11 min

Transition to the OA-9 Livestream


R. Schweigert


t –   0 min


R. Schweigert


t + 49 min

End of the Event



Mediathek 1, ground floor

Institute of Space Systems

Pfaffenwaldring 29

70569 Stuttgart

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