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Memorandum of Understanding signed between University of Stuttgart and the University of Cape Town, South Africa

Cooperation in science and education in the field of space sciences and technology between IRS and the Space Lab of University of Cape Town
19. September 2016; Elisa Werler

Initiated by the Institute of Space Systems (IRS) of the University of Stuttgart and the Space Lab of the University of Cape Town, South Africa, the two universities just signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to strengthen and deepen the  "cooperation in science and education in the field of space sciences and technology" between both institutions.

The main objectives of this collaboration are:

  • the exchange of scientific information and experience,
  • the execution of collaborative research projects and the
  • support of young scientists and new educational opportunities

In the preparatory phase of the MoU during the last few months, many activities within these areas of collaboration have already been assessed, so, their respective implementation was started immediately after the signature of the joint document. With student exchange being one of the prioritized goals the first Master student from South Africa will come to the Institute of Space Systems in October 2016 and at about the same time frame the first student from Stuttgart will start conducting a research stay at the University of Cape Town.

Moreover, several co-supervised student theses have been initiated in areas of common interest of both institutions. One example is a bachelor thesis at the University of Cape Town supporting the cubesat project CAPE lead by the Institute of Space Systems. Here, interfaces between a South African stratospheric balloon and MIRKA2-ICV, a follow up model of the miniaturized atmospheric entry capsule MIRKA2-RX, successfully flown in March 2016, will be designed and implemented in order to prepare a flight mission on this balloon. This activity involves the Stuttgart student group KSat e.V. with whom the design of the capsule is currently being assessed. The joint mission is planned for spring 2017.


Contacts for further information:

Prof. Dr. Peter Martinez, University of Cape Town, email:

Prof. Dr. Stefanos Fasoulas, University of Stuttgart, email:

PD Dr. Georg Herdrich, Adj. Assoc. Prof./ Baylor University, University of Stuttgart, email:

Prof. Dr. René Laufer, University of Cape Town, / Baylor University, USA, email: