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Developing Young Talent

Fascinating Space


Space fascinates children – we gained this experience in all public events of our Institute during all years. Because of that we try to motivate children and teenagers for an engineer profession.

Cornelius Rakete
  Cornelius Karl (8 years):
handicraft rocket of the IRS



Academy for children and teenagers Stuttgart (7-10 years)
Foundation of the Ministry of Education of Baden-Württemberg and the city of Stuttgart

The Academy for children and teenagers Stuttgart promotes interested and gifted primary school pupils and contributes to the sustained long-term promotion of gifted children and teenagers. Therefore the IRS has designed a program, that shall mainly impart the fascination of science. It offers seminars taking place quarterly on the topic „Fascinating Astronautics“ for up to 10 participants. Because these events are limited to primary school pupils so far, adventure-based learning is emphasized and various opportunities of active participation are offered to the children.

Holiday Program for children and teenagers (9-11 years)
Department for Youth of the town of Waiblingen and Korb
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In 2005 as a new project for the first time an event for children between 9 and 11 years took place. A group of children spent one day at the Institute. They experienced a guided tour suitable for children through the Institute, they questioned doctoral candidates and did handicraft rockets and let them fly.

Girls‘ Day (13-14 years)
Federal Ministry for Education and Research, Federation of German Trade Unions and the Initiative D21
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The Girls' Day project „Future Prospects for Girls“ provides insight into vocational choices, that often are neglected by female students in their vocational orientation process. Since 2005 the IRS participates in the Girls' Day.

BOGY / internship (15-17 years)
Every year the IRS welcomes 20 trainees of senior highschools and secondary schools for at least one week.

Give the University a try – Science and Technology for female students of the senior classes (17-19 years)
University of Stuttgart

„Give the Uni a try“ is one of Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Auweter-Kurtz initiated projects when she was women's representative of the University. The IRS organizes the female student project of the University of Stuttgart for the Study Program “Aerospace Engineering” and is responsible for the content of the part „Space Technology". For one afternoon the female students of the senior classes are allowed to look behind the scenes of this study program and to gain information and first-hand insights. With the help of "Give the Uni a try " the female students shall find out what it means to become an Aerospace female engineer.