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Institut für Raumfahrtsysteme
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Baden-Württemberg into Space

2007 a special project was started on the Campus of the University of Stuttgart in Vaihingen: the Aerospace Centre Baden-Württemberg (RZBW). On behalf of the German federal government and in cooperation with numerous partners the University of Stuttgart intends to establish an Aerospace Forum for Science, Industry and the public. The RZBW shall promote and extend Technology Transfer and the exchange of ideas between the institutions. The Institute for Space Systems (IRS) of the University of Stuttgart with its mini satellite program and the airborne observatory SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) among others is located in the offices of the RZBW.

Supraregional Forum

The RZBW not only offers students of the Faculty for Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy an high-potential education with excellent career opportunities but as supraregional Forum it also grants the interested public direct access to manifold information, events and exhibitions on the topic of Aerospace.

Excellent Research

Since 2011 scientists of the RZBW Stuttgart are able to do top level research and development in cooperation with the industry of Baden-Württemberg. The excellent equipped Labs and Test Stages will satisfy today's requirements. They will be composed of the following elements.

  • Satellite Integration Space
  • Earth Station
  • Detector and Spectrometerlab
  • Camera-Calibration und Testlab
  • Studentlabs
  • Image Processing Workplace
  • Laserlab
  • Clean Room

Researcher at the RZBW can not only develop components of the Stuttgart Mini Satellites but also integrate and test them on site. Cameras and Spectrometers can be developped under ideal conditions. The Clean Room furthermore allows to deal with instruments, that are already certified for the flight after ESA guidelines. The infrared data gained with the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy can perfectly be analysed for science with the help of the image processing work places.

Aerospace Forum

The Foyer, the audience as well as the media center will be equipped with the highest level of facilities, therefore all kind of events can be realized without problems.

  • Specialist Conventions
  • Conferences
  • Continuous broadcast of data from the airborne observatory SOFIA
  • Live Stream on University Satellite Starts
  • Live Stream to the ISS
  • Exhibitions
  • Public Relation Events

Scientists, students and the interested public can benefit likewise from the multifold opportunities.

Dates and Facts 

Start of Construction: 2009
Moving in: 2011
Location: Pfaffenwaldring 29
Main useful area: 1.998 m2
Seats in the Audience: 129
Seats in the Seminar Room: 55
Lab Area: 301 m2
Office Area: 1.135 m2
Exhibition Area: 205 m2