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Peter Jenniskens from SETI Institute who also attended the workshop set up a new webpage for the actual observation mission.

Check out:

We are looking forward to the observation!






  group photo  (courtesy of P. Jenniskens/SETI)                                


The workshop was held at IRS (findal agenda see below) with 21 participants and 4 online listeners. There have been presentations from Breakup Modelers, ATV mission control, ESA management, and a lot of interesting talks of instruments and possibilities. We are now analysing the output and will come up with more information as soon as possible.







 ATV-5 Instrumentation and Requirements for Re-entry Observation Campaign Workshop


organised by:

IRS: Fabian Zander, Thomas Marynowski, Stefan Löhle

ESA: Maite Trujillo, Sergio Ventura





ATV-1 Re-Entry. Image captured on flight observation mission.
Image from Taken by Jesse Carpenter.

IRS has been contracted by ESA to investigate the requirements for a flight observation mission of the ATV-5 re-entry vehicle, due to descent back into the atmosphere from the ISS in December 2014. The objective of this project is to identify instruments that are able to take measurements of the re-entry enabling the trajectory analysis to be verified and validated. An example image captured during the ATV-1 re-entry is shown above.

As a part of this project we are very happy to invite international researchers to submit potential experiments for consideration and to attend the workshop where the requirements and objectives will be discussed. This is a fantastic opportunity for researchers to meet the ESA and IRS personnel that are conducting the planning for this mission.

The workshop will begin at 14.00 on Wednesday the 5th March and run through to 13.00 on Friday the 7th March.

Persons intending to attend the workshop are requested to notify the organisers ASAP at

A schedule for the workshop is available below (and here).

Directions for travelling to IRS and accommodation options are available here.

If you would like to attend the workshop, please get in contact to the team via:

We are looking forward to meeting you!



Stefan Löhle  +49-711-685-62387,