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Human exploration of the solar system is realised through a progressive series of space operations, with each seeking to extend the reach of its predecessor. Operations concerning the moon, libration points, asteroids, and near planets such as Mars are all considered significant objectives towards the final goal. An important step in this process, manned platforms in Earth’s proximity may be used to support exploration missions as well as long-duration microgravity research. The challenges faced by such research outposts are ever-changing, as are the possibilities for their application. As such, new ideas and approaches are required in order to maximise the potential of these facilities. To this end, the Institute for Space Systems (IRS) at the University of Stuttgart, in cooperation with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), is instigating the 2015 Space Station Design Workshop (SSDW). The workshop will be held at the University of Stuttgart from July 26th to July 31st.

The SSDW combines talented undergraduate and graduate students, as well as young professionals (less than 3 years experience), in a cooperative yet competitive environment. Under guidance from experts in academia and industry, and drawing on their collective skills and experiences, these students will be tasked with designing a manned platform in an intensive five-day workshop at the IRS facility in Stuttgart, Germany. Participants in the SSDW will face a uniquely challenging and exciting task, and in doing so have the opportunity to make valid contributions to the space community.

The SSDW 2015 is officially over. Results can be found in the navigation.

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If you have any questions about the application process, possibilities to support the workshop or other inquiries do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, you can visit our Facebook page.

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